Chisel Malik-Wright

Chisel Malik-Wright

Software, Infrastructure & Operations

Developer evolved into devops, further evolved into SRE.
Particularly interested in problem solving code, process and architectural challenges. Preferably with access to good, modern solutions.

Availability: Two calendar months.

Northolt, London, GB
+44 7966 44 67 68



Site Reliability Engineer at Zoopla


  • Incident Management: assist with process implementation; trial tool to automate aspects of process to speed up incident response
  • On-Call & Alerts: lead trial for on-call scheduling and alerting within business area

Senior Software Engineer (Infrastructure) at Zoopla


  • managing AWS infrastructure with terraform; legacy account imports, and multiaccount migration
  • migration of legacy cron scripts into ECS Scheduled tasks
  • support bare metal → docker → ECS migration for services
  • automate and improve 'New Starter' and 'Engineer Leaving' processes
  • automate deployment of Jenkins nodes and gitlab runners

Software Developer at Zoopla


  • adopt maintenance and improvements around the Jenkins instances
  • deploy and maintain internal CPAN repositories (Pinto)
  • refine, refactor, improve and maintain Jenkins groovy library for build pipelines
  • work on internal tools for improving developer workflow wrt. development, testing and deployment

Senior Developer at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP


  • extend continuous deployment pipeline to enable Docker based deployments
  • introduce neo4j as storage for real-time customer association
  • own the tooling, examples and developer documentation around the evolving RESTful, JSON-based commerce services
  • design and build connectors, agents, and micro-services for the new stylish commerce architecture
  • contribute to the design of the platform's resources, APIs and payloads
  • identify and develop Linux-based tools to support the agile team's development, deployment and operational needs
  • be an evangelist for the stylish commerce platform, both inside and outside of NAP

Senior Developer at THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP

BLESS Committee (Chairperson) at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP


  • lead the restructuring of the committee to make better use of interests and enthusiasm
  • drive better branding of the committee through better use of email and consistent style
  • smarter use of technologies for gathering information; e.g. Typeform
  • increase sharing and visibility through the deployment of a BLESS portal; Joomla.driven CMS

Perl Architect at NET-A-PORTER.COM


  • migrate warehouse application from apache1/mod_perl1 to Plack/PSGI.
  • update perl build process to use 5.16.x and 5.18.x.
  • update perl build process to install on Centos-6/RHEL6 (previously Centos 5/RHEL5).
  • update product management application to run on Centos-6/RHEL6 (previously Centos 5/RHEL5).
  • implement network resiliency in bespoke message/job broker system.

Senior Perl Developer at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Site Fire Officer at NET-A-PORTER.COM


  • lead the team of Fire Marshals
  • provide a single point of contact for questions and issues relating to fire safety issues at the company's head office.
  • also responsible for:
    • planning evacuation procedure
    • recruiting fire marshals
    • organising and running bi-annual evacuation drills

    Perl Developer at NET-A-PORTER.COM


    • improve in-house product/stock management system.
    • introduce new technologies and ideas: Apache::Session, DBIx:Class, Catalyst.
    • implement photography studio workflow functionality.
    • implement customer promotion management system.
    • design and create new in-house product management system and architecture with existing systems to facilitate the launch of


    Contributor at CPAN


    Lead Software Developer at EHS Brann


    • project design, implementation and maintenance for data-capture (microsites), data-processing and email/sms broadcasts.
    • maintain existing projects.
    • improve documentation and general working practices.

    Software Developer at Moneyextra/Chase De Vere


    • maintain and improve bulletin board for financial website.
    • maintain various existing projects/processes.
    • interview prospective new employees.

    Programmer at Geodetic


    B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science & Mathematics from Manchester University with GPA of

    Secondary School + A-Levels in from Arnold Hill with GPA of

    Secondary School in from Lampton with GPA of

    Primary School in from Lionel Road Primary School with GPA of


    At the risk of sounding obsequious... I can't say enough good things about Chisel. He's not afraid to challenge people who want to take shortcuts; his commitment to doing things the right way is unmatched. Chisel is conscientious, precise, efficient, witty & thorough. He's really helpful and brilliant at communicating with everyone from the tech savvy to the computer illiterate. Legend.

    LiLi Kathleen Bright - Spotify

    Great quality Perl work, good team player, good communication skills, and generally a nice person to work with.

    Alex Sayle - Beacon Platform Inc

    Chisel has excellent attention to detail and has ensured that his coded solutions are future-proof and robust. However, he is more than an average developer, he has frequently demonstrated his knack for ensuring that his solutions are usable and tailored to meet user needs.

    Shirley Wong - Valtech DE

    Second time I've worked with Chisel at a company. His forward thinking to eliminate potential flaws in solutions he has to deliver is invaluable. He is clearly a passionate technical professional and takes great pride in the work and nothing less than 'best of my ability' is acceptable. I thoroughly enjoy working with Chisel as we're both happy to discuss solutions without involving egos and enabling us to provide stronger solutions to problems. Highly recommended. Jason

    Jason Tang -


    Fluency: Native speaker
    Fluency: Elementary proficiency
    Fluency: Elementary proficiency
    Fluency: Elementary proficiency


    Level: Professional
    • OpsGenie
    • Gitlab (self-hosted)
    Level: Professional
    • Perl
    • Shell (bash/zsh)
    • C
    • Groovy
    • JavaScript
    • golang
    Databases & Storage
    Level: Professional
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • neo4j
    • Solr
    Level: Professional
    • git
    • docker
    • puppet
    • terrafrom
    • jenkins
    • gitlab
    • subversion
    Web Servers
    Level: Intermediate
    • Apache 1.x
    • Apache 2.x
    • nginx
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Level: Intermediate
    • EC2
    • ECS
    • IAM
    • RDS
    • S3
    • SSM
    Level: Intermediate
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • jekyll
    Health & Safety
    Level: Intermediate
    • Fire Safety
    • DSE Assessments
    • Risk Assessments


    Tabletop Gaming
    • Board Games
    • Card Games
    • Social Deduction
    • Design