• Signed Git Commits

    When you sign a Git commit you can prove that it was definitely you that made the commit (assuming you look after your keys and passwords sensibly!) and that the code change is really what you wrote.

    Also, don’t you just like the warm glow of the “Verified” label next to your commits?

  • GPG with Keybase

    Managing GPG keys is one of those things that’s far too easy to forget to keep on top of. Having Keybase as part of your toolset can save you from yourself.

  • Configuring tmux

    Part of my working environment changed recently, causing me to investigate ways to preserve a tmux session over a reboot.

  • Introducing: Werewords Deluxe

    Not sure how to explain Werewords to new players? Maybe this will get you and your players up to speed.

  • The Ten Minute Thinking Rule

    What’s the problem?

    This idea was shared with me during a retrospective session at $employer when I was expressing some frustration at people starting to:

    Ask first, think never

    I’m at least as busy as the next person and I have my own mountain of work to complete. Despite being regularly cantankerous, grumpy, cranky and disagreeable people still come to me with a variety of questions … I think I have a good combination of detective skills, google-fu and luck that makes me appear more magical than I really am.

  • Command history in the perl debugger

    I’m always forgetting what pieces I need to make this happen, so I’m writing a note to my future self.

  • I Play Games

    If you know me at all before dicovering this post you won’t be even slightly surprised to learn what I’m about to say:

    I really enjoy board games

  • Welcome to Chizography!

    This post is to mark the start of a new era in my personal website.